• Emerging Growth Opportunities for Connected TV and Advertisers

    YuMe, in conjunction with Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc., released results of an extensive survey on the future of Connected TV in the marketplace. The study includes insight into rapidly-growing adoption rates, analysis of components in the broader Connected TV environment, and many details about Connected TV and Smart TV adopters and their preferences. Conducted as a follow up survey to YuMe's August 2012 survey, this online survey of 1,500 U.S. consumers ages 12 and older in November 2012 explains that the movement to connect televisions to the Internet continues to demonstrate steady g...

  • The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of Connected TV Advertising

    We partnered with Frank N. Magid Associates to conduct a study on connected TV users and determined: who is watching what, when, why, and how on connected TV. We discovered that connected TV content represents a tremendous advertising opportunity for brands looking to generate consumer awareness and drive audience engagement. Learn why.

  • Dual-Platform Campaigns: Using Online Video to Enhance the Reach and Performance of TV

    We are big believers in TV advertising at YuMe. We also believe that online video can make your TV dollars work even harder for your brand. To substantiate this, we worked with a major CPG brand in the PHD family along with Nielsen to quantify the additive effect of YuMe as an extension to a national TV plan. Discover what we learned.

  • Online Video and Television Viewing Attitudes and Behaviors

    Is online video adoption and consumption on the rise? Do viewers perceive online video content to be on par with conventional TV? They are and they do. See exactly what a Frank N. Magid Associates report comparing online video and TV preferences finds, what video ad trends it sees, and what opportunities online video represents for smart brand marketers.

  • Share-shift Analysis TV + Online Video: The Best of Both Worlds

    We partnered with Nielsen and asked the question, “What would happen if a leading consumer packaged goods brand shifted 5%, 10% or 15% of their traditional broadcast budget to YuMe's video ad network?” Would reach and performance increase? Would CPMs drop? Discover the benefits of buying video holistically—independently of the screen on which it appears.

  • Making Sense of Online Video Impressions in the Syndication Era

    Viewers can find video on TV network websites, embedded on blogs and social network profiles, and on their mobile phones. That’s wonderful for consumers, but it means uncertainty for marketers. In this article, we explore the types of syndication, auto-play and below-the-fold ad placement risks, and define industry terms to help you make sense of video impressions in the era of syndication.

  • Calculating Online Video GRP for Television Buyers

    More brand advertisers have begun to shift portions of their TV budgets to online. But they need a comparable metric to what planners and buyers use to evaluate TV. YuMe has developed the Internet gross rating point (iGRP) to help media buyers and planners. Learn how we calculate it and how we determine the overall reach and frequency for a campaign that uses both mediums.