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Everyone Loves Video

We like spreading the word of the power of digital video. Watch what we have been saying and learning to get a deeper understanding of our products and technology.

CES 2015 – Innovation In Play

YuMe provides a backstage pass to innovation in the media landscape at CES 2015! Listen to YuMe executives as they identify new media opportunities on a curated tour of the CES show floor. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the latest emerging technologies in the YuMe Innovation Lounge and interact with digital media thought leaders at partner events throughout the week…get ready for your front row seat to innovation in media.

YuMe: A Decade of Innovation

Take a look back at YuMe's rich history of innovation and milestones over the past 10 years.

Paul Neto (Director of Research) Highlights Benefits of Cross-Platform Exposure and Upcoming YuMe Research Studies

During CES, YuMe's Director of Research, Paul Neto, speaks with Beet.TV about the benefits of cross-platform exposure to ads for brands, how digital video can complement television, specific audience findings, and a sneak peek into YuMe's upcoming research studies.

Owen Hanks (General Manager, Europe) Explains How Household Targeting Boosts Purchase Influence

YuMe's Owen Hanks explains how YuMe Household Targeting works to identify all members of a household, helping brand advertisers create brand synergy across screens and among household members, whenever and wherever they are.

Ed Haslam (SVP, Marketing) on YuMe & IPG Tablet Research

Which screen produces the best brand recall among ad mediums including online, smartphones, and connect TV? Insights from our newest study conducted with IPG Mediabrands. We looked at whether the tablet is the ultimate video viewing experience—many more details to come.

Owen Hanks (General Manager, Europe) on "Studying Consumer Behavior Across Screens"

Media planners are starting to consider video agnostically across all platforms, the next step will be to understand whether they can reach the same consumers on TV and digital, or if they need extended reach, says Owen Hanks, our General Manager, Europe, during an interview with Beet.TV. It's about reaching your consumers where they are and when they are receptive to messages.

Ed Haslam (SVP, Marketing) on Consumer Interaction Across Multiple Screens

YuMe’s Ed Haslam speaks to their latest UK research study on consumer interaction with video content and advertising across multiple screens. The Guardian Changing Media Summit panel discussion on March 22nd debated the findings of the study, undertaken by Decipher Media and YuMe in March 2013. The panelists reflected on the study’s ask: how do consumers interact with content and advertising on mobile media across screens and equally important, in different locations?

YuMe's Video Coverage from CES

Earlier this year during CES, YuMe hosted hundreds of marketers and agencies at their "Connected Living Room" suite in the Las Vegas Hotel. Within the suite, attendees got a glimpse into how connected TVs offer new advertising opportunities to engage and learn. Watch the footage here.

Interview with Ed Haslam, YuMe SVP of Marketing

YuMe's SVP of Marketing, Ed Haslam, speaks with Beet.TV about the difference between head, mid- and long-tail publisher content, packaging of that content to advertisers, advertiser types, publishers and why online video is at the nexus of brand and performance advertising.

YuMe CRO Scot McLernon’s presentation about video ad opportunities at the Ad Age Digital Conference

In this Ad Age video advertising conference presentation, YuMe Chief Revenue Officer Scot McLernon discusses why fragmentation in the video content and advertising landscape (particularly mobile and Connected TV) is an unprecedented opportunity for advertisers, publishers and consumers. He also unveils YuMe’s 8 Essential Elements for successful video advertising.

Co-Founder and President, Jayant Kadambi, speaks with Beet.TV

Hear what YuMe’s Co-Founder and President, Jayant Kadambi, had to say about what YuMe customers (advertisers and publishers) are asking for in regards to Connected TV, mobile advertising and online advertising—and how YuMe’s TV-scale solution addresses all three.

Scot McLernon (CRO) tells Beet.TV how brands get a bump from multiscreen advertising

YuMe's Chief Revenue Officer talks with Beet.TV about the shift in content consumption patterns from conventional TV to online and mobile video and the corresponding shift in advertising dollars.

Interview with Travis Hockersmith, Director of Analytics

Travis Hockersmith at our Evolution of the Revolution Roadshow