YuMe offers complimentary creative services for video ad unit development for its clients pursuant to the following terms and conditions, and your use of our creative services constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.  YuMe’s complimentary service includes 5 hours of creative development/design plus 2 rounds of creative revisions per ad execution.  All creative development and revisions in excess of this amount will be billed by YuMe at a rate of $125 per hour.  Turnaround time for all creative development is 15 business days, except for the InSynch Video Takeover and PowerRoll DataConnect, which require 25 days.  You are responsible for providing all creative assets necessary to produce the video ad unit. You represent and warrant that creative assets you provide will not infringe or violate the intellectual property or other rights of any third party.  As between you and YuMe, each party will retain ownership of any creative assets or other materials (and all rights related thereto) it contributes or creates with respect to the creative services.  Nothing herein shall be interpreted to vest ownership of your trademarks in YuMe.  You acknowledge and agree that YuMe is not responsible for determining if any work product complies with applicable laws, rules and regulation, including FTC regulations and applicable state laws, and that you shall bear all responsibility and risk with respect thereto. All creative services and related work product are provided by YuMe “AS-IS.” You acknowledge and agree that YuMe disclaims any consequential, special, incidental, punitive or other indirect damages with respect to the creative services and work product and that YuMe’s liability with respect to the creative services and work product shall not exceed US$100.00, regardless of the theory of liability and regardless of whether YuMe was advised of the possibility of such damages.