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Reach, Frequency, and Attentiveness

Consumption of online, smartphone, tablet and connected TV video content is exploding. Reaching the right person on the right connected device, at the right time and in the right place is an ongoing challenge for brand advertisers. The audience needs to be receptive to the message and attentive to the ad placement, all while achieving a large enough scale to have an impact on brand-performance. Reaching your audience with digital video doesn't have to be difficult. YuMe helps simplify the complexity of multi-screen digital brand video advertising, and streamlines many of its processes. We make it possible to reach your audience with custom interactive digital video ads, at-scale, across multiple connected devices. Our unique combination of sophisticated technology, embedded software, premium publishers, and proven results offer brand advertisers the most effective solution for running digital video brand ad campaigns across multiple screen types. Welcome to the next generation of TV advertising.

YuMe's Connected Audience Network

YuMe's Connected Audience Network datasheet

Our Connected Audience Network simplifies many of the biggest challenges posed by multi-screen digital video brand advertising. It delivers the essentials of video advertising and globally unifies our 257 million unique monthly viewers who are watching a ton of content on a myriad of devices across different operating systems. It aggregates more than 1,500 digital media properties and leverages YuMe's sophisticated technology to ensure that your video ads are reaching the most brand-receptive audiences, at the right times, in the right contexts, and on the right screens, all at TV-like scale. Not to mention, the direct relationships with our publishers allow us to implement our technology directly into their video players, ensuring safe and effective video ad deliveries.


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Delivering the 8 Essential Elements of Video Advertising

What does it take to achieve video advertising campaign success? At YuMe, we think there are eight elements that are essential to any successful campaign. Our experience has taught us that when your video advertising campaign hits all of these elements, it will reach audiences more effectively and efficiently, engage them more thoroughly and achieve superior brand performance. Use them as a checklist as you architect your own campaigns. We’ve designed our products, services and technology to address each and every element.

  • Ad Visibility

    Ad Visibility

    Ad visibility technology assures every impression can be seen: The reality of video advertising is that your ad could be displayed below the fold and never seen. YuMe has Viewport Detection technology that determines where the video player is on the page and only displays your video ad when it is visible on the screen. No other video advertising solution we know of has this capability.


    Watch how YuMe ensures Video Ad Visibility

  • Brand Safety

    Brand Safety

    Brand-safe control of where your ads play in a world of video content syndication: Many video content providers syndicate their content, so even though you may sign up to advertise with them on their site, you cannot be assured that your ads might run on a different syndication partner site. Brand safety is vital. Brand advertisers should never run a campaign without assurances that there are distribution black or white lists to control where their ads are played.


    Download the YuMe's Brand Safety datasheet

  • Cross-Screen Compatibility

    Cross-Screen Compatibility

    The reach of TV with the power of digital: One of the key brand advertising benefits of TV is its ability to deliver an audience at scale. The emergence of so many high-definition, broadband connected screens has overcome traditional online video’s inability to match that scale. Every TV campaign and video creative asset can now be complemented with a true multi-screen campaign delivering a connected audience at scale — PCs, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs.


    Watch how YuMe ensures Cross-Screen Compatibility

  • Premium Publishers

    Premium Publishers

    Video Ad placement on professionally produced content maximizes brand equity: Brand message should not be placed next to user generated video content, it needs to be paired with high-quality video content. As the video marketplace has matured it has started to segment into head, torso and long tail content. YuMe specializes in premium mid-tail or torso short form video content publishers that provide excellent brand-safe, economical reach.

  • Placement Quality

    Placement Quality

    Premium, 100% in-stream video inventory on the center of the screen: User-initiated, well-lit, brand-safe video ad placements in large, center of screen video players results in best brand uplift metrics. Not every video impression on a given publisher site is created equal. YuMe is constantly monitoring the performance of every possible video ad placement intra and inter site to derive what we call a Placement Quality Index to help our advertisers maximize the value of every brand video impression.


    Watch how YuMe ensures Video Ad Placement Quality

  • Interactive Ads

    Interactive Ads

    Highly interactive video ad units for immediate brand engagement: Socially rich, highly engaging ad units drive brand awareness, favorability, recall and ultimately help purchase intent across PCs, smartphones, tablets and Connected TVs. The real value of digital to a brand advertiser is its flexibility and extensibility allowing for true innovation. YuMe runs a video advertising Innovation Lab where we are constantly evolving and enhancing the next generation of ad units.

  • Audience Targeting

    Audience Targeting

    Advanced audience targeting and amplification for relevant reach across platforms: YuMe’s audience amplification technology brings a unique approach to audience targeting. With Audience Amplifier, we find the right audience and amplify the audience reach across screens. It is unique because we leverage screen level insights to pinpoint the optimal brand opportunities and serve it on the right screen, at the right time to the target audience.


    Watch how YuMe amplifies your target audience

  • Analytics Optimization

    Analytics Optimization

    Powerful analytics for brand performance optimization: The core benefit of video ad distribution on connected devices is having instant insight into campaign performance. That way brands, video ad networks and publishers get actionable data to optimize video ad campaigns on the fly.

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