Viewability Measurement

YuMe has invested in viewability since 2011 with the introduction of our Viewport Detection Technology. We understand the value of making sure an ad is visible to the consumer in order to have an impact.

Our platform collects detailed information about the in-page environment of a video player before determining whether or not to serve an ad. Our ad visibility technology, combined with our proprietary SDK, allows us to capture multi-screen viewability data in accordance with the MRC definition for video viewability. We provide access to this viewability data as a value-add for our partners.

1st Party Viewability Targeting

1st Party Viewability Targeting

YuMe provides direct access to video viewability targeting controls - available at specified thresholds from 40-80%.

Viewability Targeting










Viewability and Measurement Partners

3rd Party Viewability and Measurement Partners

We understand the need for independent 3rd party measurement. We've partnered with all major MRC-accredited video verification vendors to integrate their offerings into our platforms. Beyond viewability measurement, we work closely with our verification partners to proactively monitor inventory quality and use the data to effectively optimize campaigns.