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YFP: The Intelligent Monetization Solution for Publishers

YuMe for Publishers (YFP) is a multi-screen programmatic platform providing publishers a full suite of awareness-driven monetization solutions. Combined with video specific support, intuitive proprietary tools , integrations with 3rd party technologies and turnkey access to a variety of demand sources, YFP is the most complete monetization solution for digital publishers of any size.


360° Publisher Awareness on Key Revenue Drivers


YFP enables awareness driven monetization with actionable insights on the following key revenue drivers:


Demand & Channel


Get instant access to major demand sources and understand your buyers' purchasing behaviors.

Audience & Content


YuMe's Multi-Screen Audience Aware SDK™ enables publishers to acquire audience insights. These audience insights help publishers drive informed content strategies to enable optimal pricing and inventory packaging.

Traffic Quality

YuMe's SDK-driven brand safety and proprietary viewport detection technology allows publishers to proactively monitor traffic quality.


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