Embedding Software, Simplifying Fragmentation

As media consumption accelerates across a variety of digital screens, audience fragmentation will only get worse for brand advertisers. To address this problem, we thought it best to understand specific information unique to each screen. Thus, we created a variety of multi-screen, Audience-Aware SDKs (or software developer kits) to be embedded in publisher website and applications. These SDKs collect detailed audience data to be used for our Connected Audience Network. This is data that premium brand advertisers crave. As a YuMe publisher running our Audience-Aware SDKs, this data is what drives premium brand advertisers to your content. It helps us deliver video ads that are more engaging and relevant to users consuming your content—providing superior brand experiences for viewers and strong campaign results for advertisers. And this, of course, can lead to higher CPMs and fill rates for you.

Embedded Audience-Aware SDKs For All Screens
YuMe's SDKs collect over 200 billion data points annually across connected, online, tablet and mobile devices

So how does it work?

We embed custom software, tailored to the specific video requirements of that device thus being able to provide the correct user and ad experience.


Our unique and custom SDKs allow us to extract the appropriate data from each device, while also constantly tracking and collecting observed behavioral data across our Connected Audience Network.


Additionally, our SDKs are what enable us to collect first-party survey data from video viewers. We ask questions that brand advertisers care about and use the answers to inform our data science engine to then group people into what we call audience segments. This is the most accurate form of audience data collected because it is collected straight from the source–your audience!–and is periodically validated and refreshed. Our SDKs collect over 200 billion data points annually. This data gives us tremendous visibility into audience characteristics, and enables us to deliver brand attention and receptivity.