The Best Inventory For Your Campaign

With technology and science behind the decisions we influence, we've gone beyond site list purchasing and developed what's called Placement Quality Index (or PQI). By learning real-time from the data our software collects, we are able to quickly optimize inventory for each campaign. For brand advertisers and agencies, PQI maximizes the opportunity for your video ads to be placed within the most relevant places, reaching attentive audiences; not to mention providing brand-safe sites with the quality content. This all achieves strong brand results and higher brand lift. For publishers, a high PQI rank attracts the best-fit premium brand advertisers, therefore maximizing CPMs. It's smarter thinking resulting in video advertising that performs better for everyone.


How Does PQI Work?

The Math Behind Attention

YuMe's PQI uses a proprietary inventory grading algorithm to ensure best inventory placements for the brand advertiser's objectives

At its core, YuMe's PQI uses a proprietary real-time inventory grading algorithm so that campaigns get the best inventory across our Connected Audience Network. We quickly learn from the data our SDKs collect. We collect data on almost every impression ever run in our inventory, such as player size, player location, brand performance metrics such as brand lift, and purchase intent over time. This data is analyzed to determine the most attentive placements for brand advertiser's objectives. Check out the infographic for more information!

Smart Video Advertising For Smart Advertisers

Video Ad Campaigns powered by PQI drive higher video completion and user engagement

Smart advertisers want to get the highest quality impressions for the highest brand impact. YuMe's PQI delivers just that, and it does so automatically. With PQI technology, video ads are placed across our Connected Audience Network and across an array of screens with optimal brand engagement always in mind. In a recent YuMe study, a PQI-enabled campaign realized a 90-percent lift in completion rate and an incredible 215-percent rise in interaction rate. That's real brand impact.

What does YuMe's PQI do for publishers?

Quite a bit, actually. With a higher PQI rating, publishers automatically attract more fill from name-brand TV advertisers that maximize the user perception of the quality of content and of the publisher. Everybody wins with PQI.